[MERCHANDISE] First 4 Figures Red-Eyes Statues

Pre-orders have begun for First 4 Figures’ Red-Eyes Black Dragon figures after a week of slow social media build-up.

First 4 Figures are releasing eight different variations of this Red-Eyes Black Dragon statue, their fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! statue after Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and Dark Magician Girl. Each has the same pose, but there are four different editions, each in either a Black or Purple colour scheme: the latter being a reflection of the tint Red-Eyes often has in the anime.

Standard Edition ($139.99 USD)

Exclusive Edition ($154.99 USD, but can be pre-ordered for $144.99 USD until July 24)

The exclusive edition includes a light-up lava formation as opposed to the static one featured in the Standard edition. It can be set to two different light-up modes.

Definitive Edition ($389.99 USD, but can be pre-ordered for $364.99 USD until July 24)

The definitive edition has a more extravagant base of smoke and lava with The Black Stone of Legend nestled along one of the plumes. The base also includes Red-Eyes Black Dragon‘s statistics (Level, Attribute, ATK and DEF). The smoke, lava, Attribute and Level stars can be lit up in a similar fashion to the Exclusive Edition.

Ultimate Edition ($449.99 USD, but can be pre-ordered for $414.99 USD until July 24)

New from previous First 4 Figures Yu-Gi-Oh! statues is the Ultimate Edition, with a base that can be manually rotated and extra head and claw sections: one head that is the same as the regular one but turns in the opposite direction, two heads with LED Inferno Fire Blast effects (one facing each direction) and a set of claws equipped with Dragon’s Nails.

In addition, the Exclusive, Definitive, and Ultimate Editions can be ordered in combo editions containing both colour variations from First 4 Figures’ website.

Exclusive Combo Edition ($299.99 USD, but can be pre-ordered for $274.99 USD until July 24)

Definitive Combo Edition ($749.99 USD, but can be pre-ordered for $694.99 until July 24)

Ultimate Combo Edition ($849.99 USD, but can be pre-ordered for 769.99 until July 24)

ravegrl also noted that according to First 4 Figures CEO Alex Davis, the wings of this figure were initially shaped more like those of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but were changed to more closely resemble Red-Eyes after fan feedback. They were also posed with mind for space considerations when displaying the figure. He also responded to fan feedback about The Black Stone of Legend potentially having purple LEDs to make it resemble the card art more and help it stand out from the glowing lava.


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  • June 23, 2023 at 8:00 am

    Figures are always good, but where is the red-eyes support wave!!!??? DM and BE got a great one recently

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