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[OCG] Advance Tournament Pack 2015 Volume 4

The cards here are meant to work for Decks supported in Breakers of Shadow.

AT12-JP001 Doomkaiser Dragon
AT12-JP002 Shark Fortress
AT12-JP003 Smile World
Normal Spell Card
(1) Face-up monsters on the field gain 100 ATK for each monster on the field, until the end of the turn.

AT12-JP004 Synchro Fusionist
AT12-JP005 Precious Cards from Beyond
AT12-JP006 Miracle Synchro Fusion
AT12-JP007 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
AT12-JP008 Descending Lost Star
AT12-JP009 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation
AT12-JP010 Token (Kurosaki Shun & Raidraptor – Revolution Falcon)


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