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[SR04] Various Reprints and a Deck Recipe

Well that’s a Dinosaur-Type I didn’t expect to get reprinted so quickly.

SR04-JP034 おジャマトリオ Ojama Trio


Miscellaneousaurus, Stegocyber, and Big Evolution Pill are reprinted in Structure Deck R 4.

The Deck Recipe provided for the Deck using cards from Structure Deck R 4 and Starter Deck 2017 is:

Monsters [27]
Ultimate Conductor Tyranno [3]
Super Conductor Tyranno [2]
Stegocyber [1]
Super-Ancient Dinobeast [1]
Miscellaneousaurus [2]
Soul-Devouring Oviraptor [3]
Tyranno Infinity [1]
Black Brachios [2]
Megalosmasher X [3]
Rescue Rabbit [1]
Petiranodon [3]
Babycerasaurus [3]
Effect Veiler [2]

Spells [10]
Fossil Dig [2]
Big Evolution Pill [2]
Twin Twisters [1]
Terraforming [1]
Lost World [3]
Swords of Concealing Light [1]

Traps [3]
Quaking Mirror Force [1]
Survival Line [2]

Extra Deck […]
Decode Talker [2]
Honeybot [1]
Link Spider [3]
Evolzar Laggia [3]
*rest is not shown in the picture


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