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[TCG] Early Look at Invasion: Vengeance

This announcement holds potential implications for other “Yugitubers”, in terms of hosting exclusive content.

The summary is below this video.

Konami (in England) has recently approached YouTube video producer AlintheaYoh, and invited him to preview the Invasion: Vengeance (INOV) set a week before the official Sneak Peek. During his visit, he is allowed to make any number of videos regarding the contents of the TCG release of INOV. AlintheaYoh is currently asking for ideas on which cards he should profile in these videos, so feel free to drop by and leave a comment on his video.

The only possible downside of this is that the videos are only allowed to be released on the day of the INOV Sneak Peek, which is from October 29-30.

However, if all goes well regarding the reception of these videos, AlintheaYoh mentions that other opportunities from Konami might emerge for other “Yugitubers” to host similar exclusive content on their channels.
Congratulations to AlintheaYoh on receiving this great opportunity!