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[RD/SD] Strongest Battle Deck reprints

In addition to the new cards tonight, a bunch of reprints have been revealed for the GO RUSH!! Strongest Battle Decks.

Strongest Battle Deck Yudias – Shining Velgariva:

RD/SD01-JP002 – Milky Wave Neo x2
RD/SD01-JP003 – Cosmo Titan
RD/SD01-JP004 – Executie Fermi
RD/SD01-JP009 – Vishwar Ranbuddy
RD/SD01-JP010 – Transamu Ephyrai
RD/SD01-JP013 – Bright Sentinel
RD/SD01-JP014 – Shadow Sentinel
RD/SD01-JP023 – Talismanic Seal Array
RD/SD01-JP028 – Outer Space
RD/SD01-JP029 – Shining City Nights

Strongest Battle Deck Yuhi – Join and Explode! Join and Intensify!:

RD/SD02-JP002 – Shield Boring Kong
RD/SD02-JP003 – Printing Presser
RD/SD02-JP013 – Jointech Ace
RD/SD02-JP014 – Carpendra x2 (New)
RD/SD02-JP015 – Reportrain
RD/SD02-JP016 – Crafter Drone
RD/SD02-JP020 – Craftroll x2 (New)
RD/SD02-JP026 – Heavy Cavalry Tactics
RD/SD02-JP028 – Reporting from the Scene!
RD/SD02-JP031 – Breaking News!

Strongest Battle Deck Yuamu – Come Forth! High Tech Dragon!:

RD/SD03-JP002 – Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster x2
RD/SD03-JP003 – Nightbringer Dragon
RD/SD03-JP004 – Piercing Dragon Bunker Strike
RD/SD03-JP005 – Gravity Press Dragon
RD/SD03-JP006 – Fire Guardian
RD/SD03-JP007 – Tyhone #2
RD/SD03-JP022 – Dragosite x2 (New)
RD/SD03-JP024 – Alpha Burn Drake (New)
RD/SD03-JP025 – Dragon’s Inferno
RD/SD03-JP027 – Dragonic Pressure

Strongest Battle Deck Manabu – Chemist-Meow Draw of Flames!:

RD/SD04-JP002 – Cosmic String Noodryad
RD/SD04-JP003 – Extra Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja
RD/SD04-JP004 – Dokidoki Hexenhaus
RD/SD04-JP005 – Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja
RD/SD04-JP006 – Cross Promotion the Elite Noodle Ninja
RD/SD04-JP007 – Innocent Lancer
RD/SD04-JP009 – Dogulce Langue de Chakoki
RD/SD04-JP016 – Flame Seeker x2 (New)
RD/SD04-JP021 – Anmagmabear x2
RD/SD04-JP030 – Outer Space
RD/SD04-JP031 – Wild Kitchen

Strongest Battle Deck Zuwijo – Voidvelgr of the Empty Sky:

RD/SD05-JP002 – Sea Dragon King Granganus
RD/SD05-JP003 – Vice Jacker
RD/SD05-JP004 – Great Cosmonarch x2
RD/SD05-JP005 – Clean Beret – Colonel Mop
RD/SD05-JP006 – Darkness Crested Hawk x2
RD/SD05-JP008 – Luminous Parrot x3
RD/SD05-JP011 – Spyturtle the Observational Turtle x3
RD/SD05-JP020 – Voidvelgr Peltast (New)
RD/SD05-JP022 – Heavenly Gift
RD/SD05-JP024 – Bleach Mortar