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[Duel Links] Yubel: Duelist Chronicles GX Event

The new card “Raviel, Lord of Phantasms” is now here – get it by completing the Event’s storyline.

Advance through the map by rolling a die and immerse yourself in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Available until September 25 2019.

  • How to Advance Through the Event
  • Event Information
  • Recommended Rewards

Duelist Chronicles GX is here!

A new chapter of Duelist Chronicles, “Yubel” has begun.

Relive Jaden Yuki and his friends’ misadventures at Duel Academy. Obtain “Raviel, Lord of Phantasms” by completing the first round.

How to Advance Through the Event

1. Collect Dice Fragments

Obtain Dice Fragments by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels.

2. Advance through the map 

Collect Dice Fragments to roll Dice 1 – 3 and advance through the map.

3. Complete the zone to obtain a Reward

You can obtain various items by completing the zones. By completing the first round, you can receive the Sacred Beasts “Raviel, Lord of Phantasms”.

4. Save up Lottery Coins to use in the Lottery

You can obtain Rewards such as Cards,  Gems and Gold from the lottery.

Event Information 

About the Map

In this event you will roll a dice to advance through a game board (known as “Zones”). Each Zone has a Legendary Duelist from “Battle City” for you to Duel.

Zone Rewards can be earned for completing each Zone.

Hint: Effect Spaces


Lottery Deadline: Oct 2 2019

Be sure to use all your Lottery Coins before they expire.

Hint: Earn lots of Lottery Coins

Lottery Coins can be found in the following places:

1. Dueling with Duelists in Event Duels

2. Landing in a Lottery Coins space

The stronger the Legendary Duelist is, the more Lottery Coins you’ll earn when you win.

*Additional Lottery Coins can be earned when clearing Duel Missions in a Duel with a Legendary Duelist.

Starting from September 19 the “Treasure Room” will appear – in the Treasure room you can earn tons of Lottery Coins.

The Treasure Room only appears from the second round and onward so be sure to complete your first playthrough.

Event Bonus 

*19:00 GMT

EX Jewels

Expiration Date: Oct 2 2019

*Be sure to use all your EX Jewels before they expire.

Recommended Rewards

You can use the Lottery Coins you obtained to get Rewards from the Card Lottery.

Advance through the Map

Round 3:

“Vision HERO Poisoner” [SR]

Round 5:

“Rainbow Dark Dragon” [UR]

“Raviel Lord of Phantasms” [UR]

“Plasma Warrior Eitom” [UR]

Card Lottery

“Vision HERO Poisoner” [SR]

“Rainbow Dark Dragon” [UR]

“Plasma Warrior Eitom” [UR]

“The Supremacy Sun” [SR]