Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Gekitotsu!! Duel Carnival news!

Expanding on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS videogame previously covered here.

In this game, you get to choose from amongst over 40 characters to be your main character! We’re introducing you to 11 of those characters this time!!

ZEXAL: The strongest Duelist created by Yuma and Astral’s Miracle Overlay!!
Kaze: A powerful Duelist using the archetype “Armor Ninja”.

Characters from the World Duel Carnival Arc!
Tombo Tillbitty, Cody Callus, Striker, Charlie McCay.

The “Barians” Attack!
The “Barians” who are after Yuma’s “Numbers” also appear!
Vector, Mizael, Gilag, Dumon, Alit.

Enjoy the world the “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL” anime!!
Decoding how to progress in the Story Mode!!
The Story Mode consists of simply aiming to win the World Duel Carnival, so anyone can have fun with the world of the “ZEXAL” anime by Dueling.

1. Select a mode!!
There are two modes you can choose: Story Mode and Free Mode.

2. Select a Character!!
After selecting the mode, select a “ZEXAL” anime character to be your main character from over 40 of them!
SHOWN: Yuma, Caswell Francis, Bronk Stone, Flip Turner.

3. Select an Opponent and Duel
After selecting a character you can get right to Dueling! Select your opponent from characters on the map.

4.Win Duels and Collect Heart Pieces!
There will be COOL and AWESOME character cut-ins during the Duels!

Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/maxut/archives/30818327.html

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