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Yu-Gi-Oh! X Tower Records Cafe Menu

Unlike the Akibahara Anime Cafe, it seems to be strictly based on things from the movie!

【1st Half】

Menu for January 7th, 2017 to January 18th, 2017

Cubic Karma Pasta – 1,300 Yen (Plus Tax)
Millennium Puzzle Sandwich – 1,500 Yen (Plus Tax)

KAIBA Parfait - 1,000 Yen (Plus Tax)
Dark Magician Girl Pancakes – 1,100 Yen (Plus Tax)

Deep-Eyes White Soda – 850 Yen (Plus Tax)
Don☆Latte - 700 Yen (Plus Tax)
Millennium Puzzle Latte – 700 Yen (Plus Tax)
Kaiba Corporation Latte – 700 Yen (Plus Tax)
Mokuba’s Favorite Orange Juice – 700 Yen (Plus Tax)

【2nd Half】

Men for January 9th, 2017 to January 31st, 2017

Obelisk the Tormentor Beef Stew – 1,500 Yen (Plus Tax)
I Got The Latest Model Somehow…! Jounouchi’s Taco-style Curry – 1,300 Yen (Plus Tax)

Millennium Cube Glass Cake – 900 Yen (Plus Tax)
Rainy Intersection Cake – 1,000 Yen (Plus Tax)

Orbital Elevator Drink – 850 Yen (Plus Tax)
My Turn! Draw! Latte – 700 Yen (Plus Tax)
It’s Not A Monster!! It’s a God!! Latte – 700 Yen (Plus Tax)
Dark Burning Magic Cola – 700 Yen (Plus Tax)
Anzu’s Kinda Adult Raspberry Drink – 700 Yen (Plus Tax)



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