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Yu-Gi-Oh! Store that carries Tournament Cards!

Most if not all stores you’ll find that carry Yu-Gi-Oh! cards have OTS status, and therefore are not allowed to sell cards from sets like Duel Terminals and Champion packs. What this means for the player-base is that their secondary market needs have to be met by other players, through things like YCS’s and Ebay. This leads to ridiculously inflated prices due to significantly less competition.

Recently a few stores have removed their OTS (official tournament store) Status and one of these, Cool Stuff Games in Florida, will now be an online store in which you can sell, price-check and most importantly buy cards from the following sets:

Astral Pack 1
Astral Pack 2
Astral Pack 3
Champion Pack 1
Champion Pack 2
Champion Pack 3
Champion Pack 4
Champion Pack 5
Champion Pack 6
Champion Pack 7
Champion Pack 8
Duel Terminal 1
Duel Terminal 2
Duel Terminal 3
Duel Terminal 4
Duel Terminal 5
Duel Terminal 6
Duel Terminal 7
Duelist League 11
Duelist League 12
Duelist League 13
Duelist League 14
Duelist League 15
Duelist League 16
Duelist League 9
Tournament Pack 1
Tournament Pack 2
Tournament Pack 3
Tournament Pack 4
Tournament Pack 5
Tournament Pack 6
Tournament Pack 7
Tournament Pack 8
Turbo Pack 1
Turbo Pack 2
Turbo Pack 3
Turbo Pack 4
Turbo Pack 5
Turbo Pack 6
Turbo Pack 7
Turbo Pack 8

Is this a sign of things to come? A new trend that other stores will follow suit on? Either way, I know where I’ll be getting my DT cards from, without the hassle of multiple shipping fees and arrival dates. I’m pretty excited about this.


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