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Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens x Akagi Ice collaboration

Please do not consume while playing card games.

Akagi Nyugyo ltd. probably best known for frozen snacks like Garigarikun is teaming up with Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens for a special campaign.

You can find packages for the BLACK Chocolate Ice Bar and Chocomint Cool Ice Bars featuring Yuuga and Luke along with their ace monsters. There will also be a special campaign where you can obtain Rush Duel cards with alternative arts.

The campaign begins on March 22nd, and you can obtain these by purchasing single bars (70 yen) or a 7-bar box (350 yen).

The campaign for the alternative art cards will be limited to 30000 winners and will feature new arts for Sevens Road Magician and Dragias the Striking Dragon enjoying some ice cream.

Further details should be on the website of but at the time of this article this campaign doesn’t seem to be on their website (V-JUMP magazines contain information way ahead of time).

Source: V-JUMP.