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[Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Times] July 2022 Edition: “DARKWING BLAST” News

It would seem it’s time to check your fate and fortune.

At 8PM JST, Konami will be airing a live stream of “Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Times” that they air with every core booster set.

The guests and hosts will be covering the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG News, as well as “Darkwing Blast”!

Items Covered:
■ Unrevealed Cards Revealed
■ Tune Everyone’s Hearts! Intention Synchro Game!
■ Yu-Gi-Oh! Information
■ Introducing How To Use The Brand New “[OOO]”
■ Houchun Mieru/Aura Sentia’s “Let’s See Your Fortune”! Yu-Gi-Oh! Fortune Telling!
■ World Premiere Of The “DARKWING BLAST” Commercial!

Not only will there be a reveal of unrevealed cards, but there will be a (Japanese exclusive) Twiteter Campaign

Hoshino Takanori (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Jack Atlas)
Miyashita Kenshou (of Miyashita Kusanagi)
Oki Soujirou (Novelbright)

★VTR Appearance★
Houchun Mieru/Aura Sentia (Japanese Voice Actor: Yuki Aoi)

★Master of CeremoniesC★
Tonozaki Yusuke (Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Kenmochi/Kenchi)


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