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Yu-Gi-Oh! at Jump Festa 2020

A rundown of stuff (and yes we’ll get to hear about the new TV Show)

Yu-Gi-Oh! will be at the Weekly Shonen Jump Plus Stage, from 2:30 to 3:00 PM

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump

People will also be able to attend a section basically for Yu-Gi-Oh! related events.

You’ll be able to get things such as Overstock of popular Playmats and Sleeves from Summer events, and Kanan the Swordmistress

There will be fun events such as “Unleashing Exodia”, free to Duel events for both the physical card game and Duel Links.

There will be a Big News Section regarding new products, new cards AND the new anime coming out in 2020! (Hosted by Master Akauma, as well as Aikawa of the V Jump Editorial Department)

There will also be Duel Operas on stage with voice actors:

Yusei’s vs Jack’s
Yuma vs Shark’
Playmaker’s vs Revolver’s
Jounouchi’s vs Yami Marik’s




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