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[Deck Recipe] July 28th 2020

Destruction + Destruction = More Destruction!

Instructor: ゆきちゃん
Favorite Card: “Unchained Twin – Rakea”
Deck: “Unchained” + “Rokket” Deck

3 Rokket Tracer
3 Magnarokket Dragon
3 Silverrokket Dragon
1 Rokket Synchron
1 Rokket Recharger
2 Absorouter Dragon
1 Keeper of the Shrine
1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3 Unchained Twins – Rakea
2 Unchained Twins – Aruha
2 Unchained Twins – Sarama
1 Abominable Unchained Soul
1 Unchained Soul of Disaster

3 Abomination’s Prison
3 Quick Launch
2 Boot Sector Launch
1 Dragon Shrine
1 Foolish Burial

3 Tactical Exchanger
3 Trap Trick
2 Escape of the Unchained
1 Abominable Chamber of the Unchained
1 Necro Fusion

1 Borrelend Dragon
1 Borreload Savage Dragon
1 Borreload eXcharge Dragon
1 Borreload Furious Dragon
1 Borreload Dragon
2 Striker Dragon
1 Quadborrel Dragon
1 Dillingerous Dragon
1 Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres
1 Twin Triangle Dragon
2 Unchained Soul of Rage
1 Unchained Soul of Anguish
1 Unchained Abomination

Summary Notes:
• “Tactical Exchanger” destroys an “Unchained” monster you control to Special Summon the “Rokket” monster you from the hand or Deck, while letting you activate the effect of your destroyed “Unchained” monster.
• Since “Tactical Exchanger” is a Normal Trap, it can be Set with “Trap Trick”.
• Use the powerful “Unchained Soul of Rage”, along with the “Borrel” monsters of the various Summoning methods to seize victory.


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