[Misc] Official Merchandise by GB eye

It appears that North America gets Shonen Jump promos, but Europe and Oceania get the swag merchandise.

GB eye, a manufacturer and distributor of official merchandise, is putting out officially licensed mugs and framed poster prints of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise. These should be expected to appear for purchase online and in brick-mortar stores soon.

As far as Mugs go, they come in a variety of items including ones featuring major characters and their ace monsters:

To funny Yu-Gi-Oh! themed mugs such as:

To dramatic The Dark Side of Dimensions mugs:

As well, GB eye is producing 30 x 40 centimeter framed collector prints based on Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

Finally, GB eye is also producing a large sized poster of the quite repeatedly seen The Dark Side of Dimensions movie poster:

Again, it appears you can’t order the merchandise from them directly for those curious. For those interested in the full list of mugs (and there’s quite a few), as well as the merchandise mentioned above, please check


Also, thanks to RaveGrl as always for bringing this stuff to our attention in the first place.

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