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Amidst the chaos, TRC1 is leaked!

The whole set is here, but can’t tell card numbers from the faraway pics, so it’ll have to do without numbers for now, come back later if the numbers are the important to you.

As a reminder, every pack of this set comes with 4 cards: 3 Super Rares, and 1 card in any of the other shiny rarities. Some cards in the set can be in multiple rarities (as was seen with cards like Vanity), except for Blue-Eyes, which is only in Ghost Rare, and the 5 Aces, which are only in Extra Secret Rare.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Black Magician / Dark Magician
Shisha Sousei / Monster Reborn
Elemental HERO Neos
Chou Yuugou / Super Polymerization
Stardust Dragon
Starlight Road
Numbers 39 Kibouou Hope / Number 39: Utopia
Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Shoukansou Summon Priest / Summoner Monk
Makai Hatsu Gensei Yuki Death Guide / Tour Guide from the Underworld
Thunder Sea Horse
Dark Simorgh
Elemental HERO Prisma
Infernity Archfiend
Datenshi Superbia / Darklord Superbia
Datenshi Asmodeus / Darklord Asmodeus
Daitenshi Kristya / Archlord Kristya
Nekketsu Juushi Wolfbark / Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Lightlord Archer Felis / Felis, Lightsworn Archer
Crane Crane
Debris Dragon
Kamenleon / Masked Chameleon
Zoushoku suru G / Maxx “C”
Rescue Rabbit
Cyber End Dragon
Natul Extrio / Naturia Exterio
Hyoukekkai no Ryuu Trishula / Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Dragunity Knight Vajuranda / Dragunity Knight Vajrayana
Natul Barkion / Naturia Barkion
Crimson Blader
Tech Genus Hyper Librarian
Formula Synchron
Shinryuu Kishi Felgrand / Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
Gagaga Gunman / Gagaga Cowboy
Lavalval Chain
Kokuu Kairyuu Leviair / Leviair the Sea Dragon
Shoukanshi no Skill / Summoner’s Art
Instant Fusion
Yami no Yuuwaku / Allure of Darkness
Tsuki no Sho / Book of Moon
Enbu – Tenki / Fire Formation – Tenki
Breakthrough Skill
Kyousei Dasshutsu Souchi / Compulsory Evacuation Device
Vanity Space / Vanity’s Emptiness
Demon’s Chain / Fiendish Chain
Mafuuji no Houkou / Anti-Spell Fragrance
Hakobune no Senbetsu / The Selection

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