[TCG] High-Speed Riders Full List

Now with actual names. And full rarities.

And it seems a pretty big guy got his name changed.

… For you.

HSRD-EN001 Speedroid Terrortop (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN002 Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice (Common)
HSRD-EN003 Speedroid Double Yoyo (Common)
HSRD-EN004 Speedroid Razorang (Rare)
HSRD-EN005 Speedroid Menko (Common)
HSRD-EN006 Speedroid Takentomborg (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN007 Speedroid Ohajikid (Rare)
HSRD-EN008 Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN009 Hi-Speedroid Kendama (Rare)
HSRD-EN010 Hi-Speedroid Chanbara (Secret Rare)
HSRD-EN011 Speed Recovery (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN012 Shock Surprise (Rare)
HSRD-EN013 Synchro Cracker (Common)
HSRD-EN014 Dice-Roll Battle (Rare)
HSRD-EN015 Red Sprinter (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN016 Red Resonator (Common)
HSRD-EN017 Synkron Resonator (Common)
HSRD-EN018 Chain Resonator (Common)
HSRD-EN019 Mirror Resonator (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN020 Dark Resonator (Common)
HSRD-EN021 Vice Dragon (Common)
HSRD-EN022 Red Wyvern (Secret Rare)
HSRD-EN023 Red Dragon Archfiend (Common)
HSRD-EN024 Red Nova Dragon (Rare)
HSRD-EN025 Resonator Call (Common)
HSRD-EN026 Red Coccon (Common)
HSRD-EN027 Red Carpet (Rare)
HSRD-EN028 PSY-Frame Driver (Rare)
A Psychic soldier that rides into battle against the Security Forces on currents of lightning, using an automatic amplifier called “PSY-Frame”.
HSRD-EN029 PSY-Framegear Alpha (Common)
HSRD-EN030 PSY-Framegear Beta (Ultra Rare)
HSRD-EN031 PSY-Framegear Gamma (Ultra Rare)
HSRD-EN032 PSY-Framegear Delta (Rare)
HSRD-EN033 PSY-Framegear Epsilon (Common)
HSRD-EN034 PSY-Framelord Zeta (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN035 PSY-Framelord Omega (Secret Rare)
HSRD-EN036 PSY-Frame Circuit (Rare)
HSRD-EN037 PSY-Frame Overload (Rare)
HSRD-EN038 Goyo Chaser (Ultra Rare)
HSRD-EN039 Goyo Predator (Ultra Rare)
HSRD-EN040 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN041 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss (Ultra Rare)
HSRD-EN042 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane (Secret Rare)
HSRD-EN043 Stardust Spark Dragon (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN044 Blackrose Moonlight Dragon (Super Rare)
HSRD-EN045 Expressroid (Common)
HSRD-EN046 Krebons (Common)
HSRD-EN047 Armoroid (Common)
HSRD-EN048 Silent Psychic Wizard (Common)
HSRD-EN049 Serene Psychic Witch (Common)
HSRD-EN050 Hushed Psychic Cleric (Common)
HSRD-EN051 Cardcar D (Common)
HSRD-EN052 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Secret Rare)
HSRD-EN053 Mystical Space Typhoon (Common)
HSRD-EN054 Emergency Teleport (Ultra Rare)
HSRD-EN055 Psychokinesis (Common)
HSRD-EN056 Pot of Duality (Rare)
HSRD-EN057 Future Glow (Common)
HSRD-EN058 Compulsory Evacuation Device (Common)
HSRD-EN059 Supercharge (Common)
HSRD-EN060 Psychic Overload (Common)

Source: Magic Mad House

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