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[OCG] Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament Singapore 2017

For those in the TCG who might be interested, along with our OCG readers:

For those curious, a Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament is the Asian version of the YCS Program, that’s held regularly in places like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. It runs on Swiss and then a top cut just like a YCS, but also has events like the Asia Premier.

Date: 2 / 3 September 2017 (Saturday – Sunday)

The Ground Theatre (Level 2)
SCAPE, Singapore, 2 Orchard Road Link
Singapore, 237978

The event itself costs 50 Singapore Dollars to get into (so roughly 36.04 US Dollars as this printing, or 32.20 Euros), and players get 5 Booster Packs plus an Entry Mat.

The Asia Premiere costs 30 Singapore Dollars, and you get 3 Booster Packs and YOT SG2017 Sleeves

Both events are based on multiple rounds of Swiss Style Format Playing

For more information on the event, along with the concept of Round Byes via Regionals, please check below.



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