The YGOrganization Design Contest!

You interested in helping give the Org a face-lift and earn a cool cash prize? Read on to find out how!

Edit: The contest’s over! We’ve collected the designs and are Reviewing them now. Winners will be chosen very soon!

In order to commemorate the second year of the site’s existence, the staff is holding holding a fun design contest for the website and our Facebook page! But what kind of design contest?

Well, we need you guys to come up with 4 new designs:

1) A cover photo for our Facebook Page.
2) A profile image for our Facebook Page (Currently it’s Luxord’s cards, we’d like something else)
3) A spiffy new background for our main website.
4) A logo or some sort banner for the top of the site  (the current one is roughly 650 x 160)

You can enter a design for all of these or for just one of them (or for 3 out of the 4, you get the idea). The winning designs will be used in their respective locations, and the winner(s) will receive a cash reward depending on which design entry you entered won which choice. If you manage to win all four, you can rake in a cool 150 USD!

To submit your design, please post it on this page if you’d like everyone to see your design, or if you’re feeling shy or bashful, you can send it to us via an e-mail at the following address: danparker at hotmail dot ca. Winners will be chosen by the combined staff of the Ygorganization Website, while any ties will be decided by public poll. Your designs must be submitted no later than Friday, August 31st, 2014 by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Note that this is a professional endeavor, so while you may submit whatever you like, if you want any believable chance of winning you should stick to what the public can view. Any comment submissions that are unprofessional will be deleted and your entry, as well as ability to enter, will be disqualified. If your comment is too obscene you will, as per usual with our comments, have that privilege of commenting removed entirely. Your Design will be used for all Org endeavors including merchandise.

Good luck guys, and do your best! And have fun with this!

Feel free to ask any questions. We’ll try to answer them and add them to the post.

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