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YGOrganization Tournament #4 Winner

Congratulations to The Based Loli on his victory!

Join me behind the curtain for decklist profiles and a VERY important message.

We will be featuring the event’s decklists in this article later, but the first thing we need to address is the issue of ban evasion on DN. Atem and I have made a joint statement about some of today’s events.


From Atem, Founder and Leader of the Organization, and Dan, Founder and Owner of

Today, one of our event’s registered entrants was a player who was given a justified and proper permanent blacklist-level ban from DN in the past, with no possibility of parole or reprieve.

Said entrant evaded the ban, and his evasion was noticed during our event – he was one of our finalists. So, we DQ’d him and removed him on the spot.

Atem was out during much of the day, so you can imagine his surprise when the news of this reached his desk.

This is the first time this has happened, and we will be taking measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

When you purchase entry, you purchase entry and participation rights as defined by the rules of the platform, not a right to a prize. You pay to play, not to get stuff. And if you break rules severely enough to deserve a DQ, you get a DQ, not a prize. This is common sense. We thought we wouldn’t need to cover stuff like this in our event policy. We were wrong.

When you enter one of our events, you are NOT buying a way to ignore DN’s own rules.

We had thought that everyone would already understand that you have to follow DN’s rules at all times to be involved with anything that uses DN as a platform. Nearly all of our entrants are smart enough to realize that, but today’s evader evidently isn’t. So Atem’s going to step up and tinker with the event policy.

We will be working more closely with the DN staff, to ensure entrants are allowed to be on DN in the first place.

It was rash of us to think that our events wouldn’t ever attract someone like today’s evader. We got so wrapped up in trying to do something fun for the community that I left us all open to this guy who wants to do bad stuff, and for that we apologize. We should’ve seen a fun-sucker like this coming from a mile away.

DN allows us to use their platform out of the kindness of its heart. In return, we (obviously) demand everyone involved with producing our events and playing in our events follow the rules DN has established – rules that many members of the Organization have had a direct hand in making. The Organization has a duty to the online community here, a duty that is more important than someone feeling like they should have the right to buy a day of ban evasion for 5 bucks.

Each player paired with the evader in any round of today’s event receives free entry to our next event, on the house.

Each player paired with the evader in any Post-Cut Single Elimination Round of today’s event will receive a section of today’s second-place prize, in proportion to how well they did in Single Elimination Rounds.

We will be updating this article later with decklists once we’ve properly prepared them for presentation. We felt it best to rush this article, so you can be properly informed about today’s happenings.

Now, then, stay tuned: we’re working on those decklists!

-Atem and Dan

PS: Atem here – my afro is still standing on end from hearing about this.


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