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[YGOrg] A Departure, and New Beginnings

We say goodbye to an old friend, but welcome a new one.

Today we say goodbye to somebody who has been in the Org even longer than I have. As his free time for Yu-Gi-Oh! pursuits fades, we say goodbye to Number XI, rei.

Over the years he’s offered quite a lot for us and the game, through running DuelistGroundz and doing the SysAdmin work for YGOrganization; in his absence we are left with a vacant seat and no SysAdmin.

So, we’ve chosen to fill that seat with another new member. Please give a warm welcome to our new System Administrator, Rusty.

Remarks from Atem, one Co-Founder of the Org, follow:

Before we had a website, we worked on mIRC for a short time through the good grace of Neo Ark Cradle, then commandeered a section of DuelistGroundz as a more permanent base of operations, before eventually moving sequentially to Skype, and later, our own website and Discord.

rei was gracious enough to allow us a place where we could do our work and translate: before we had a home of our own, he gave us one, and it was from that platform that we cultivated our first fandom and following. He was a busy person, and found time for us anyway; I’ve missed having him around as his free time has dwindled. We would be nowhere without his assistance.

Rusty has big shoes to fill, but he’s already done great things for us behind-the-scenes, working closely with staff such as Dan and AntiTcb on matters of site optimization, et al. I wouldn’t award him this promotion without confidence in his capabilities and trust in Dan’s judgment: my other Numbers, except the one presently on sabbatical, all vote either to explicitly promote Rusty, or have no opinion on the issue beyond trusting in Dan’s judgment.

With a need to bring resolution to the issue and fill a vacant and necessary seat: while observing that no Numbers challenge this motion: and recognizing that neither I nor Ark nor Eva veto this motion: As Co-Founder I confer upon Rusty the status of Number with all responsibilities and rights related. As the new Number XI and rei’s successor, rei’s duties will now become his.

rei will remain on hand as a non-Number ally and consultant – having been his friend for over a decade, I can easily say that he’ll continue to call out any bad decisions we make, exactly as I wish.