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Saikyo Battle Royal News from V Jump

Following up what was on the official blogs

Release Date: August 12nd, 2021
(Pre-Orders Start April 21st)

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Maker: Konami
Genre: Competitive Card Game
6600 Yen + Tax (Physical Copy)
6600 Yen + Tax (Digital Copy)

The Pre-Order Bonus is a Amiibo Card you can use to get Parts with!

1. Duelist Avatar
2. Protector Custom Parts
3. Deck Case Custom Parts
4. Duel Field Custom Parts

You can get various parts via special amiibo Cards, along with Duel exclusive voices!!

Challenge both Roa and Neil!! The story develops in the world of “SEVENS”!!

Challenge the Duelists that have fought Yuga in the anime one after another!!

The stage is Goha City!!

Besides communication based fights with friends, you can also enjoy “Rush Duels” even with people far away via the Internet!

The game contains cards up to “Destined Power Destruction!!”!! And additional updates are planned!!

A Demo has been confirmed!!

Game Screenshots are from a version still under development.

* Some promotional cards may not be included, thank you for understanding.


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