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[MERCHANDISE] New The Yetee Yu-Gi-Oh! collection

The Yetee have announced new merchandise, in addition to re-runs of two very limited shirt designs!

First, returning are these two shirt designs:

Yuma and Astral and Playmaker and Ai (featuring Decode Talker and Dark Templar @Ignister) are both available for preorder for $28 USD, both shipping 12/15/2022.

Shooting Star Dragon Summoner acrylic stand is available for preorder for $15 USD, shipping 12/07/2022.

Hairball Twins (aka Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh) and Dark Ignis (Ai in Yusaku’s Duel Disk and on Linkuriboh) enamel pins are both available now for $14 USD each.

Winged Guardian (aka Winged Kuriboh) enamel pin is available now for $10 USD.

Heart of the Cards enamel pin is available to preorder now for $10 USD, shipping 12/15/2022.


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