[MERCHANDISE] PhatMojo Plushies and Figures

Three adorable dragon plushies and several small figures.

PhatMojo are releasing three plushies in November 2022. By sheer coincidence, images of them went up on smythstoys.com as this article was being written! Cheers to Ori for alerting us.

Each plush will be £14.99/$17.41 USD and around 30.48 x 17.8 x 17.8 cm/12 x 8 x 8 in. in size.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon plush

The Winged Dragon of Ra plush

Red-Eyes Black Dragon plush


In addition, Hot Topic are currently selling blind bag little figures with collectable cards. Each is around 6.35cm/2.5 in. tall and comes in a Millennium Puzzle card that also comes with a cord so one can wear the Puzzle around their neck.

  • Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  • Dark Magician
  • Dark Magician Girl
  • Jinzo
  • Obelisk the Tormentor
  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  • Slifer the Sky Dragon
  • The Winged Dragon of Ra
  • Yami Yugi

ravegrl also notes that PhatMojo have included secret chase figures with their products before. It is unknown whether there are any in this range.


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