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YCS Paris Coverage

We are live!

We’ve been trying to get exclusive TCG event coverage for you guys for a while, but it’s a big challenge getting anyone at a YCS event. Especially someone who can get us coverage rather than playing or judging. It’s expensive and we barely make enough to keep the site going. Today at YCS Paris that has changed, and for this event we have a team member on the floor!

Started at 10:47
12:11 round 2 starts

There’s pairing here, but we need ID of player:

647 players for Main Event

7 Rounds Day 1, 3 Rounds Day 2

Round 3 Start

14h50 Round 4 Start

5th round. Started at 16h20
No info for the 5th Round as there was no meaningful break periods.
Look up a player’s Cossy ID on this website to find out Round 5 Pairings for that Player.

Round 6 just started, 17h40
Patrick Rider in feature (United Gosus)

Alpay Engin feature for R7
Started 19h00

Top 256 for Day 2


Start of Day 2, Round 8. Feature Match: Table 2 Start: 9:00

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of missing bodies.

Round 9 Pairings! Started at 10h10m, with Claudio Kirchmair as the Feature.

Round 10 started at 12h, Feature was Michel Co vs Peter Gross!

Standings after Round 10!

Top 32 Pairings! Round started at 13h35.

Top 32 Playing!

Top 16 Pairings! Round started at 14h37.

Certainly getting smaller. This is the Top 8. Round started at 15h10.

5 French players in the Top 8!

Final four! Round start: 16h15 Feature: Vincent Ralambomiadana

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