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[WPP1] The Remaining Cards

And so begins another year of waiting to see what they import next year. Too bad we didn’t get any new cards this time around.

Bara Girl / Rose Girl

Desert Locust / TCG: Desert Locusts

Piraith / TCG: Piwraithe the Ghost Pirate

Shiyoku no Hraesvelgr / TCG: Hraesvelgr, the Desperate Doom Eagle / Lit. Hraesvelgr the Deathwing

Shiretsu no Arasoi / Brutal Beast Battle

Ryuumetsumazuki no Zu** / TCG: Hollow Giants / Lit. Illustration of a Stumbling Horse

Disaster Daemon / Annihilator Archfiend

Tyrant: Plantation / TCG: Tyrant Farm

Capshell / Capshell

Necroquip Prism / TCG: Necroquip Prism

Ikkyoku Shuuchuu* / TCG: Star Power!! / Lit. Concentrated Tune

Keiyaku no Suikou / Execution of the Contract

Monster Express / Monster Express

Itazurakaze no Feedran / Feedran, the Winds of Mischief

Deigan no Reichou – Mandstrong / TCG: Primineral Mandstrong / Lit. Mudstone Primate Mandstrong

Nine-Lives Cat / Nine-Lives Cat

Haigoei / TCG: Guard Ghost / Lit. Backguard

Fuuma no Hadou / Fuhma Wave

*TL’s Note: Wordplay, “ikkyoku shuuchuu” with the “kyoku” written differently means heavy concentration

**Big TL’s Note: “ryuume no tsumazuki”, literally meaning “a splendid horse stumbles”, is a Japanese saying meaning “even the best horse stumbles”, or “everyone fails sometimes”. Splendid horse (ryuume) is written as “dragon horse”, hence the artwork.