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[VRAINS] New Characters and Another of Yusaku’s Aces

And yes for many people who were worried, yes there is indeed a female Duelist among the announced early cast. Also a confirmation of when the show starts airing.

VRAINS will begin airing starting in May 2017, not April 2017

Yusaku has a Link Monster ace called “Firewall Dragon”

New Duelists appear in the show, called 鬼塚 豪  Onizuka, Go (the muscular guy on the left) and  財前 葵 Zaizen, Aoi (The cute but average looking female duelist on the right). Both are confirmed to Duel in VR!

April 5th, 2017 will air a special at 6:25 PM in the evening, called “Yu-Gi-Oh! LABO” that will introduce the VRAINS setting.

Source: Weekly Jump


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