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World Championship OTS Celebration

Featuring the World Championship Forbidden/Limited list.

The World Championship OTS Celebration is an event that will be held on the same date as the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship (August 12th/13th) in various OTS stores. In summary, you will play a tournament using the World Championship Forbidden/Limited List for some cool prizes. As usual, this list essentially limits cards to the lowest number available in the TCG or OCG list (whichever is lower), as well as forbidding TCG-Premiere cards. OCG-exclusive cards are also not allowed in the World Championship itself, but these are already illegal by default in TCG tournaments, so they are not listed, such as cards from Circuit Break or various promo cards. It’s also important to note that cards released after July 21st are not allowed either (including the previewed COTD cards from the MACR Special Edition, as they are COTD cards).

The FAQ for the event, as well as the source for the F/L list can be found here:

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