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World Championship Day 2 Begins

Here’s a recap of all things related to day 1 of the main event, and a link to the stream for Day 2

The 26 competitors and the respective Deck types are as follows, including their final standings and records after Day 1

Central America
Mexico Luis Edgar Gallegos Lomeli (Dragon Ruler) 2-3 16th place

Greece Christos Bountaloudis (Spellbook)3-2 12th place
Germany Michel C. Gruner (Dragon Ruler) 3-2 11th place
Italy Sergio Soldani (Spellbook) 4-1 2nd place
Italy Valerio Rozza (Dragon Ruler) 2-2-1 14th place

Hong Kong
Wing Ho Cheung (Dragon Ruler) 2-3 15th place

Kei Murakoshi (Dragon Ruler) 4-1 3rd place
Hiromi Kudou (Dragon Ruler) 3-2 7th place
Nobuhiko Kuroiwa (Dragon Ruler) 1-2-2 21st place
Saito Akikazu (Dragon Ruler) – Former World Champion 2-3 18th place
Atsushi Fujiwara (Spellbook) 1-4 23rd place

Zhen Pei Teoh (Dragon Ruler) 1-3-1 22nd place

Elvis Agoto (Spellbook) 0-5 26th place

William Jin Xing Oh (Dragon Ruler) 3-2 10th place

North America
Aaron Christopher Riker (Dragon Ruler) 5-0 1st place
Robert Boyajian II (Dragon Ruler) 4-1 4th place
David J. Keener III (Spellbook) 3-2 8th place
Norberto Leon (Spellbook) 2-3 19th place
Patrick Jefferson Hoban (Dragon Ruler) 1-4 24th place
Stephen J. Silverman (Dragon Ruler) 1-4 25th place

Australia Chris Mattiske (Dragon Ruler) 2-2-1 13th place
Australia Kye Baker (Spellbook) 2-3 17th place

South America
Ecuador Carlos Andres Perez Padilla (Dragon Ruler) 3-2 9th place

South Korea
South Korea Jin Woo Park (Dragon Ruler) 2-3 20th place

Taiwan Shin En Huang (Dragon Ruler) 3-2 6th place

Thailand Weerapun Suebyoubol (Dragon Ruler) 3-1-1 5th place

Final Rounds pairings

Table Player 1 Player 2
1 Riker, Aaron Christopher Soldani, Sergio
2 Murakoshi, Kei Huang, Shin En
3 Boyajian II, Robert Perez Padilla, Carlos Andres
4 Kudou, Hiromi Suebyoubol, Weerapun
5 Gruner, Michel C. Cheung, Wing Ho
6 Bountaloudis, Christos Gallegos Lomeli, Luis Edgar
7 Baker, Kye Oh, William, Jin Xing
8 Keener III, David J. Kuroiwa, Nobuhiko
9 Mattiske, Chris Saito, Akikazu
10 Rozza, Valerio Teoh, Zhen Pei
11 Hoban, Patrick Jefferson Leon, Norberto
12 Fujiwara, Atsushi Park, Jin Woo
13 Silverman, Stephen J. Agoto, Elvis

After five rounds of Swiss, the top eight players that qualify for the next day are as follows:

United States Aaron Christopher Riker (Dragon Ruler)
Italy Sergio Soldani (Spellbook)
Japan Kei Murakoshi (Dragon Ruler)
United States Robert Boyajian II (Dragon Ruler)
Thailand Weerapun Suebyoubol (Dragon Ruler)
Taiwan Shin En Huang (Dragon Ruler)
Japan Hiromi Kudou (Dragon Ruler)
United States David J. Keener III (Spellbook)

The Top 8 will be playing, as well as the Dragon Duelists on a live stream that can be found below, starting at 12:30 PM EST. Good luck to all competitors!

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