[MERCHANDISE] Wonder Festival 2023 Figures

SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE’s Apprentice Illusion Magician shown off in colour, and AmiAmi x SNAIL SHELL’s I:P Masquerena prototype striking a pose.

Wonder Festival 2023 has been held, and two previously announced Yu-Gi-Oh! figures were shown off at the event. No prices or release dates were mentioned.

First, SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE’s Apprentice Illusion Magician 1/7 scale figure was shown in colour for the first time:


Next, AmiAmi x SNAIL SHELL’s I:P Masquerena prototype was shown (168 mm/6.61 in. tall). They’ve shown this figure off before, but this time they demonstrated the significant poseability of the figure by recreating the pose she takes in her card art.

You can also see some of the figure’s accessories, including her various hand variants and faceplates. A more in-depth look at the figure’s functions and variations was also provided.

  • Three sides
  • Facial expressions
  • Laptop & USB
  • “Neko Mine” (cat mine)
  • Dog visor
  • Pupil retouching


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