Official KDE-US Tournament Infractions and Penalties Policy Ver 2.2 Announced

Look, just don’t be a jerk or be the Yu-Gi-Oh! version of a guy stealing CRTs and you should be fine.

The Official KDE-US Tournament Infractions and Penalties Policy Version 2.2 

A brief rundown for those who wants to know the

1. Boiler Plate Changes

Any changes to the document not listed below. These are mostly either legalese clarifications, or wording clarifications, or formatting changes. They are ultimately not of terribly major concern to the casual reader.

2. Clarification Changes
These are already existing rules and policy with KDE-US events, it now lists them as examples so you know they are rules and can’t feign ignorance.

– Konami reminds you that you should act appropriately on stream and not embarrass yourself, to make sure you mask up while at events if requested to do so, to please not deadname or misgender fellow event participants, and to not falsify your vaccination records.
– Regarding whether or not a Judge Call is appropriate, and noting to not use them to gain an advantage
– Time Extensions have been clarified
– Accepted VS Repairable VS Irreparable Game States
– A general upgrade and downgrade in the intensity of penalties
– Clarity on the concept of Slow Play
– Examples of Cheating (such as Collusion, rolling a dice to determine the winner of a Match, Bribes)
– What it mean it means to be suspended in and outside of events, and what can cause it (such as impersonating being KDE Staff, attacking or threatening a Judge, Cyberbullying, etc.)

For more information on the new examples and clarifications, please check the penalty document listed and linked above

3. Player Affecting Changes
– Match Slips are now the responsibility of the winner of a match to turn into the scorekeeper.
– Failure to bring your matchslip to the scorekeeper within 5 minutes of the round ending, will result in a game loss in the following round
– Players attended events for the sole purpose of buying cards from players will be disqualified (even if not in the event), and suspended
– The Caution Penalty has been retired. This means even at locals now, your minor offenses will be written warnings that follow you elsewhere.

A reminder that it is your responsibility to know and follow these guidelines at Yu-Gi-Oh! events, so please make sure to read through them carefully, as you functionally agree to abide by them whenever you attend a sanctioned event, and we would be remiss to see people accidentally incurring penalties.

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