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It seems the Yu-Gi-Oh! Brand is release their own major aggregate website that will be used as a news platform!

on June 4th, the noted birthday of Yugi Muto, “Yu-Gi-Oh.JP” was launched. Currently, it contains summaries of every anime and comic released in Japan (including the likes of Duel Team ZEXAL).

However, according to their first article:

“We have launched a news website to bring you comprehensive news about Yu-Gi-Oh!

This website will reveal new product information about the “Official Card Game” ahead of magazines such as V Jump, Weekly Shonen Jump and Saikyo Jump.

In addition, we’ll also be introducing update and event information about “Duel Links” as well as information about the animated series “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”.

As well, special articles that can only be read here will be updated regularly!

Please enjoy “” news, where you can read about news about “Yu-Gi-Oh!” sooner than anywhere else!



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