[OCG] YOT Singapore

The next YCS-esque event for Asia has been announced, YOT Singapore!










April 18th to 19th, 2015

The Ground Theatre (Level 1)
SCAPE, Singapore
2 Orchard Road Link
Singapore, 237978

The tournaments run on second day top 64 Single Elimination. If the tournament has less than 256 Duelists, it will have 7 rounds of Swiss on the first day. If more than 256 Duelists, it’ll have 8 rounds of Swiss on the first day.

Door Prizes:

Those that pre-register online (with a link provided at a later date), can get a special “Clear Wing Synchro Dragon” Deck Divider when they submit the Deck List.

The Main Event Door Prize:







Those that enter will get a special Nekroz Mat featuring Trishula, Gungnir and Brionac and the Nekroz Mirror. (Note, the main event costs 30 SGD)

Asia Premier






On Day 2 is the YOT Singapore Asia Premier, a side tournament for people who couldn’t participate in Day 1 or dropped out. It costs 15 Singapore Dollars to participate (12 if you Pre-Reg).

It’s effectively a minature YOT tournament, but you can still get some decent prizes (no Giant Cards sadly), including YOT Singapore Sleeves.

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