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UDS Tulsa is Today!

With sadness in our hearts, the Final UDS…

You can follow the coverage Here! At time of writing, pairings for round 4 are up.

North America’s final Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS) Invitational is here! The UDS Invitational – Winter 2020 is about to begin in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Duelists who have earned enough UDS Points to compete are about to take one more shot at the Championship Belt. The stakes are high. The victor in this weekend’s tournament will earn a prized Championship Belt that entitles him or her to free entry to events, VIP seating, and a 2-Round Bye at all Tier 3 events through the 2025 WCQ. Although additional prizes are also up for grabs, including a cloth game mat featuring Elemental HERO Stratos, all Duelists’ eyes are on the belt.

Blurb courtesy of Matt Kohanim!


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