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The Themes of Mystic Fighters Revealed

I can’t believe the Dragon Maid anime is now a Deck Theme

Okay, let’s start off that any theme names here are unfinalized because of lack of context of other theme members, and we’re going with temporary names for coffee table and water cooler discussion, essentially, so people can talk about them, bar the second theme because their theme name is so blatantly straight forward for once that it’s absurd.

Theme One is 斬機(ザンキ)which reads as Zanki, but is the Kanji of “Slay” and “Machine”. Because it’s in Katakana, we’re tentatively going with “Zan-Ki”. The theme’s two monsters are likely 炎斬機 Enzanki, which reads as “Blazing Slay Machine”, but sounds like the word that people in Japan use for a Computer Chip/Core Processor (演算機).

So let’s say Flame Zan-Ki for the moment.

炎斬機マグマ Flame Zan-Ki Magma

炎斬機ファイナルシグマ Flame Zan-Ki Final Sigma

It’s been suggested that should the 炎 portion hold for the entire theme, that maybe to call them Pyrocessors. We’ll see with further context.

Theme 2 is ドラゴンメイド which is literally Dragon Maid. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

ドラゴンメイド・ハスキー Dragon Maid Husky

ドラゴンメイドのお心づくし Dragon Maid no Okokorodzukushi (Kindness of the Dragon Maids)

Theme three is 王(ジェネレイド)which is the Kanji for “King” or “Ruler” read as “Genereid”. Whatever this means is beyond us at the moment, we’ll get back to you. If it’s a Water theme, it might be Gem + Nereid…? Or Generate + Nereid…?

永の王 オルムガンド Eternal Genereid Ormugandr

Yes it’s a reference to Jormungandr

王の試練 Trial of the Genereids



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