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[Duel Links] Destiny Rulers

A new Structure Deck’s been added to Duel Links, designed to bolster Aster’s Destiny HERO cards with cards from the manga and ARC-V era!

1 Destiny HERO – Dogma (SR)
2 Destiny HERO – Celestial (R)
3 Destiny HERO – Drilldark (R)
1 Vision HERO Vyon (R)
1 Destiny HERO – Dreamer (R)
3 D Cubed (R)
1 Destiny HERO – Dark Angel (R)

2 Polymerization (SR)
2 Cyclone Blade

1 D-Fusion
1 Darklight
2 D – Fortune

1 Destiny HERO – Dangerous
1 Vision HERO Trinity

At the same time, Sleeves and Playmats based on Dogma are on sale with additional copies of the Deck.


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