[MERCHANDISE] Update on Dinosaur Exhibit 2023 goods

Clarifying the second item and its price, and details regarding purchases.

First, the second Yu-Gi-Oh! item to be sold at Dinosaur Exhibit 2023 is this Duelist Card Carrying Box. Like the previously revealed card sleeves, it features illustrations of Megaraptor, a species of real-life dinosaur.

Duelist Card Carrying Box (¥880/$6.53 USD)

Duelist Card Protector Set (¥1,540/$11.73 USD)

For every ¥2,000/$14.84 USD spent on collaboration products, one pack of bonus promotional cards for the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG and Yu-Gi-Oh RUSH DUEL will be provided. There is currently no information about the contents of these packs. The products are scheduled to be pre-sold at a special shop in the venue from April 3 (Monday). They will also be available for mail order in the future.


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