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[OCG] Tournament Pack 2017 Volume 4

The full set of contents is revealed. Suggesting the identities of other Duelists from Legend Duelist 2.

17TP-JP401 Des Lacooda
17TP-JP402 Blowback Dragon
17TP-JP403 The Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion
17TP-JP404 Mythical Beast Cerberus

17TP-JP405 Armored Cybern
17TP-JP406 Ojama Blue
17TP-JP407 Warm Worm
17TP-JP408 Insect Imitation

17TP-JP409 Ancient City РRainbow Ruins
17TP-JP410 Spell Gear
17TP-JP411 Magical Citadel of Endymion
17TP-JP412 Court of Justice

17TP-JP413 Michizure
17TP-JP414 Burst Rebirth
17TP-JP415 Spell Counter
17TP-JP416 Dragonoid Token



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