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[Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS] Excerpt of Interview with the Two Main Leads

Yes, the show is meant to be surrealist comedy.

Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Inverview with Ishibashi Hiiro & Yashiro Taku!

―― Do your characters have anything in common with you?

Back when I was in elementary school, I was in generally in good spirits, but I tend to end up playing characters like Yuga who want to fight, so I guess that’s similar.

Rook is surprisingly stubborn, and I’ll admit there’s a part of me that tends to not bend or give into others, so I suppose that might be similar. Otherwise we’re different, but I’m not great with machines. I don’t break them like him, but I think that’s a lot like him. (Hahaha)

―― And how don’t you resemble them?

I guess his sense of cool-headed judgment (Ahaha). Yuga might seem hyper at first, but he’s actually rather cool, and shockingly, thinks things through. I’m more of a follow-my-guts type (Ehehe).

Rook and I have very little in common. But, there are many parts of my life I wish were like Rook’s. He thinks he’s cool, he’s full of confidence, which I’m not, but I wish to be.

―― Is There Anything You Noticed When Performing?

Because I’m playing an elementary school student, I’m conscious of raising the tone of my voice so it sounds cheerful and energetic. However, there are some cool things that seem like they could be energetic, so I try to think through about how to use my emotions and how to speak.

What I’m most concerned about is staying “serious”. Rook acts like he’s “Lying” at times, so it’s a bit blurry (Ahaha), but Rook is basically always serious and there’s no lie to that part of him. Like when he’s in a Duel, I try to make sure all the lines sound like there’s Truth to them.

The Highlights Of This Series Are “Exhilarating Duels” And “Surrealist Humor”

―― If you have any scenes or points you’d like to bring up, please do tell.

More than anything, it’s Rush Duels. This time around, the show has simple rules that are easy for beginners, so it’s super easy for elementary school kids to play the game. Even in the TV show, “Rush Duels” are exhilarating and have a sense of speed, so I think this is a fun series.


There is an exhilarating feeling to “Rush Duels”, but it also includes a sense of ‘Pop’, and I think this is a series that can be enjoyed by those new to the world of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and those who have never played a Card Game before. Also, the script’s really interesting. I think this is a work that parents can enjoy due to the depth of the story, while the kids can enjoy the fun and the surreal gags.



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