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Structure Deck Rokket Revolt cards (San Diego Comic Con PT 1)

(Revolver Ocelot Meme)

Borreload Furious Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Topologic Zeroboros (Ultra Rare)
Quadborrel Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Silverrokket Dragon (Super Rare)
Rokket Tracer (Super Rare)
Absorouter Dragon (Super Rare)
Zero-Day Blaster (Super Rare)

Rokket Recharger
Exploderokket Dragon
Checksum Dragon
Anesthrokket Dragon
Autorokket Dragon
Magnarokket Dragon
Shelrokket Dragon
Metalrokket Dragon
Rokket Synchron
Gateway Dragon
Defrag Dragon
Background Dragon
Labradorite Dragon
+Paladin of Felgrand (not in the OCG Deck)
Dragon Knight of Creation
Keeper of the Shrine
World Chalice Guardragon
Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn
Borrel Supplier
Rapid Trigger
Squib Draw

Borreload Dragon

Triple Burst Dragon

Booster Dragon


Source: YGO Merchants


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