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[OCG] Mysterious Official Twitter Text (March 15th 2017)

A second of these. I wonder if these are the lores of Effect Monsters from Code of the Duelist.

機怪の残骸で武装する、真っ直ぐな心の少年。 星辰の森に古くから伝わる『星の勇者』に憧れており、妖精リースの願いを受けて、光を授かった仲間たちと共に七つの星遺物を解き放つ旅に出る。

“星明かりの勇者 掲げし剣に光を束ね 大いなる闇を討ち祓わん”

A youth with an honest heart, armed with the wreckage of a Kikai*. He admires the “Hero of the Stars” spoken among those in the Forest of Stars since ancient times, his wish was granted by the fairy Wreath, and now he’s on a journey to unleash the Seven Star Relics** alongside his friends who were also blessed by the light.

“The Hero of Starlight gathers the light and binds it to his sword, and strikes down the great darkness.”

* Kikai = 機怪, play on 機械 (Kikai read as Machine) but the second Kanji 怪 is the 怪 of 妖怪 (Yokai). So some sort of Mechanical monster?

** Seven Star Relics = 七つの星遺物. 七つの星 can mean the Big Dipper or the collection of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.



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