[AC03] “Phantom Beast” and “Altergeist” Reprints

Stock up on your illusion strategies!

AC03-JP030 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (Reprint)

AC03-JP031 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (Reprint)

AC03-JP032 Berfomet (Reprint)

AC03-JP053 Altergeist Marionetter (Reprint)

AC03-JP054 Altergeist Silquitous (Reprint)

AC03-JP055 Altergeist Meluseek (Reprint)

AC03-JP056 Altergeist Multifaker (Reprint)

AC03-JP057 Altergeist Hexstia (Reprint)

AC03-JP058 Altergeist Primebanshee (Reprint)

AC03-JP059 Altergeist Protocol (Reprint)


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