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[Giveaway] YGOrganization on Social Media

Not many of you seem to know we even have these!

Hey everyone. I’ve been working a little harder lately at using platforms other than this website to diversify our content and reach you with different things. While this site will always be the primary source for the information we post, we still strive to make content about the game that isn’t necessarily just news, as certain content is better for certain platforms. We started this change by re-enabling comments on the website’s articles.

With that said, we don’t reach nearly as many people with these other platforms which lowers the priority of creating those kinds of things, such as deck profiles, memes, reviews, and so on.

So today I’m making a push of each platform, and the ones that do the best will decide how I prioritize those things going forward. To help incentivize you, we’re also going to do a few Darkwing Blast giveaways.

You can enter each giveaway, it does not matter where you live, and you can even win more than once if you end up lucky enough.

I’m going to randomly give away a box of Darkwing Blast (TCG) to one Follower/Subscriber from each of the following platforms, chosen on December 2nd. We will livestream the choices on Twitch.

Live Streaming Production Los Angeles | Block Of Joy

To enter the Twitch giveaway, please follow us at

To enter the Twitter giveaway, please follow us at and leave a comment on the tweet made by this article.

To enter the Facebook giveaway, please like our page at and leave a comment on the post made by this article.

To enter the YouTube giveaway, please subscribe at and leave a comment on the video I will make about this giveaway.

Lastly, for good measure, I’m going to link my Metafy here at where I offer Yu-Gi-Oh! Coaching for the card game and Master Duel.

And finally, a link to our Discord server at

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