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[VBEX] Number 9: Machina

Panzer und Panzer.

The “Machina”: Armored corps who vigorously take part in disputed territories far and wide. As the conflicts aggravate, the governments scraped together a massive military spending, leading to an evolution in their equipment.

The “Machina” after “Fortress” was powered up with the latest technology
The “Fortress” that was initially introduced as a next-gen weapon was mass produced and then introduced to the front lines as substitute military muscle for the legacy “Machina”. Furthermore, “Citadel”, a state-of-the-art decisive weapon, was built using the battle data from the “Fortresses”. Now they are engaging against a new enemy.

Machina Fortress & Machina Citadel & Machina Air Raider & Machina Irradiator & Machina Redeployment

Additionally, weapons modeled for the aerial deployment of “Machina” and “Fortresses” in militarized operation territories, as well as providing energy sources for them, have also been developed and have received high praise for their adaptability.

The dormant, legacy model “Machina”
With the stationing of the new weapons that incorporate the technology of “Fortress”, the last-gen “Machina” were taken off of the frontlines and were left in a dormant state. These weapons that in the past fought and were damaged in the battlefield entered an eternal sleep in the arsenal…or so they were supposed to. And the reason why is because the autonomous, compact mechanical lifeform “Malefactor” made its way into the weapons storage.

TL note: “Malefactor” is part of the OCG name of Unauthorized Bootup Device, and is also referenced in the OCG name of Unauthorized Reactivation.

Machina Soldier

Machina Defender

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The mechanical lifeform that takes over the dormant “Machina”
The intruding “Malefactor” attached itself as an external unit to the dormant “Machina” and forcefully reactivated them. The revived “Machina”, under the control of “Malefactor”, began attacking the “Machina” army who were once their allies. Of course, the state-of-the-art armored corps led by “Citadel” will never lose to the legacy models running on old technology…that’s what any optimist would think, and yet, the output of the legacy weapons was boosted by several orders of magnitude by “Malefactor”, being capable of going toe-to-toe with the start-of-the-art machines, further intensifying the conflicts.

Unauthorized Bootup Device & Unauthorized Reactivation & Machina Possesstorage & Machina Resavenger

Secret Image

Machina Air Raider
Full art:

Model A:

“Bird legs”

Model B:

“More mecha-like legs”

Model C:

“A cute look”


“Maybe when it’s not shooting they can be used as wings?”


Left: “How to hold Fortress”
Right: “Grabs in a similar way to a carabiner

Machina Irradiator
Full art:

Side and top view:

Colors and outrigger:

Right: “Color #1”
Left: “Color #2”
Bottom: “Stands on an outrigger. Cannot move”

Combination with Fortress:

Top left and top right: “When it needs to move, it combines with Fortresses. Combination with Fortress”
Middle: “2 Fortress, one in the front and one in the back”
Bottom: “Radiator itself is above ground”


“1) Base of the laser cannon. Can move up-down-left-right.
2) Torso. Can move up-down-left-right.
3) Base. Can move left-right

Each of these can rotate”

Machina Resavenger
Full art:

Top: “After being infected, Defender now twists its neck”
Bottom: “Claws for close combat”

Machina Possesstorage
Full art:

Conversational mode:

Left: “Conversational mode”
Bottom: “Autonomous, compact mechanical lifeform”

Battery mode:

Left: “Battery mode”
Right: “Activated”, also crawling sounds

Commentary from the VBEX: “Air Raider” and “Irradiator” have functions that let them link themselves to “Fortress”. When a dormant machine is infected by “Malefactor”, they lose these functions.

End of chapter

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.

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