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[VRAINS] Episode 93 Summary

So how much is this real and how much of this is fake out.

Episode 93: 交わした約束 – Kawashita Yakusoku
(The Promise)
Knowing the ins and outs of Playmaker’s deck, Kusanagi launches a relentless attack against him and does all he can to protect Jin. On the other hand, Playmaker just can’t attack his partner. Playmaker’s Life Point is now dangerously low. Kusanagi then starts talking about the promise the two of them made in the past.

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Homura Takeru/Soulburner: Kaji Yuki
Flame: Yashiro Taku
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Kogami Ryoken/Revolver: Takeuchi Shunsuke
Vyra: Koshimizu Ami
Lightning: Maeda Issei
Kusanagi Jin: Suzuki Ryota
Frog/Pigeon: Seki Tomokazu

Script: 武上純希 || Takegami Junki



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