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[VRAINS] Dub Names and Actors

For those who enjoy English language dubs of the series.

Edit: Further updates

Barrett Leddy has confirmed they will be voicing Akira Zaizen (name unchanged from the Japanese version). This is the first time being involved with the franchise, according to their website.

Sam Black has confirmed they’ll be playing Koulter, the dub version of Kusanagi, Yusaku’s partner in their takedown of Hanoi. Black has previously played the roles of “Battle Beast” and “Mamoru Noro” from ARC-V’s third season.

Sam’s also confirmed he’ll be playing the SOL executive “Knight” and the house cleaning robot Roboppi.

Daniel J Edwards has announced he’ll be playing Varis and Gore, the dub incarnations of Revolver and Go Onizuka. Fans will know him best as Aigami from The Dark Side of Dimensions, as well as playing Dipper and Dennis Macfield from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

Mike Pollock, a VA veteran who’s played multiple roles for 4Kids and 4KMedia productions, has announced he’ll be voicing Gore’s manager.

We’ll be sure to bring up more information about the dub as it becomes available, besides the fact the first episode will be airing in theaters alongside the HD re-release of “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie” (The Pyramid of Light one)


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