[V Jump] Flames of Destruction & Link VRAINS Box

For those who want confirmation of magazine pictures.


Flames of Destruction

On Sale January 13th, 2018

Trickstar Bella Madonna (Ultra Rare)

Trickstar Mandrake (Common)

Trickstar Nightshade (Common)

Gouki The Master Ogre (Ultra Rare)

Gouki Octostretch (Common)

Gouki Hugbear (Common)

Gouki Face Turn (Common)


Firewall Dragon (Alternate Art) (Secret Rare)

Borreload Dragon (Alternate Art) (Secret Rare)

Trickstar Holly Angel (Alternate Art) (Secret Rare)

Gouki The Great Ogre (Alternate Art) (Secret Rare)

The product comes with packs of “Code of the Duelist”, “Circuit Break” and “Extreme Force”.

Special Storage Box

Special Card Case

1 Set of 60 Special Protector Sleeves

1 Set of 60 Special Protector Sleeves (based on one of the cards)

A Special Card Set of 20 Cards (It Includes New Cards, that’ll be revealed next month)

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