[VBEX3] Number 8: Vernusylph

Is it spring yet?



As the harsh winter fades and the world covered in white begins to regain its colors, the fairies that announce the arrival of spring begin to work. We’ll be taking a look at the activities of the fairies awakening from a long slumber and running about to bring in the “Calendar Change”.

With the advent of spring, the fairies start getting busy

Vernusylph of the Flourishing Hills

Vernusylph and the Changing Season
A spring fairy rubbing its sleepy eyes, receiving the “Journal of Seasons” from a winter fairy, where the records of the seasons are written. The surrounding area is still covered in a winter landscape, however, the “Calendar Change” towards spring is about to begin.

Vernusylph of the Awakening Forests

Vernusylph Corolla

Vernusylph of the Thawing Mountains

Vernusylph of the Flowering Fields
The fairies fly all over the world, granting “Corollas” to the animals that give them a hand with the arrival of spring. The animals that have received these “Corollas” become able to speak and walk on two legs through some mysterious power.
The animals help the fairies

Vernusylph of the Misting Seedlings

Vernusylph and the Flower Buds
Thanks to the hard work of the fairies and the animals, the forest recovers its colors and a warm wind envelops the world. Finally, with the awakening of the “Goddess”, the arrival of spring is complete.
The Goddess finally wakes up

Vera the Vernusylph Goddess

Secret Image

Vera the Vernusylph Goddess

TL notes:
1) “Calendar Change” (暦替, koyomigae) is part of the JP name of the card “Vernusylph and the Changing Season”. The TCG name works for localization purposes, but it doesn’t fit the structure of this article.
2) “Journal of Seasons” (日季, nikki) seems to be a pun on the actual word for journal (日記, nikki), and replacing the second kanji with its homophone “季” (season).

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