[VBEX3] Number 6: Purrely

“Threads? Gacha Rates? Self Driving Cards? Dude, what are you talking about? It’s 1996! Grab your Tamagotchi, we’ve got school!”



A fashionable town with colorful houses, cafes and stores. In this pastel colored town, exists the Purrely, who live with people and grow alongside boys and girls.

Adorable creatures that look like something that came out of a fairy tale, usually 30~40 cm tall and weight 2~3 kg, about the same as a small-sized dog. They have extremely friendly and mild personalities.



After maturingPurrelyeap!?

Purrely, who live with people, grow-up to roughly a medium-sized dog. Basically, their curiosity and friendliness don’t change, but depending on the environment in which they’re raised and the way they’re treated, they develop distinct identities in terms of appearance and personality.

Epurrely Happiness

Epurrely Beauty

Epurrely Plump

Maturing even further

Their bodies have grown to be big enough for a child to ride on. They still try to play with the same excited behavior they had as a child, as the people they live with burn through quite a bit of stamina.

Expurrely Happiness

Expurrely Noir

End of Page 1

My Friend Purrely

One day while going home, I found a mud-covered Purrely looking up at me. Where did this pup come from?
○ Month △ Day
It really likes playing!
Today It played with their favorite ball as usual.
It really makes me happy to watch it play!

Purrely Happy Memory
□ Month X Day
It loves eating! Mom’s cooking is so delicious~! I tried to make an omelet for the first time, but cooking is indeed hard…

Purrely Delicious Memory
△ Month □ Day
It doesn’t seem to like baths too much…
But, they look so pretty~!

Purrely Pretty Memory
X Month ○ Day
I found an unfamiliar pup coming from the garden when I came home.
Maybe it wants to play together…?
But our pup seems to be dreaming.

Purrely Sleepy Memory

Secret Image

Epurrely Beauty (named “Epurrely Ice Type” in the reference art)

Top: “Can fly through the sky with its ice wings”
Right: “Mysterious water tail, *jelly-like sounds*”
Bottom: “The floor freezes where it walks”
Left: “Can swim with the fins on its large ears”

Epurrely Plump (named “Epurrely Earth Type” in the reference art)

Top left: “Fluffy cotton”
Top right: “Designed after cotton flowers”
Bottom right: “Has a lot of strength, but is also clumsy”
Bottom middle: “Footsies, with a texture similar to trees/wood”
Bottom: “When it eats too much, its belly pops out. *Growing period*
End of Chapter
Note: In page 2, the “Memory” cards are presented in scrapbooks, with the first 3 being on a white scrapbook and Sleepy Memory being on an orange/beige scrapbook, suggesting two different owners.

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