[VBEX3] Number 5: Runick & Generaider

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There are many “Runes” scattered throughout this world that can aid one on their adventures, but if you don’t keep them straight, you’ll have a bad time. Here are some of the “Runes” that are quite effective against the kings of this world, “The Generaiders”, that will oppose one’s journey.

TL note: Through this chapter, the original name of the theme is used as a noun (Rune), which makes using the localized name (Runick) more complicated, so we’re using the name “Rune” for grammar purposes.

Command each type of “Rune” to proceed

You have been summoned to this world, brought by a mysterious masked magician, who gives you a mission to “Defeat the “Generaiders”, the kings who rule the Nine Realms, using the “Runes”, the power of the gods themselves. The power of the “Runes” grow by defeating the “Generaiders”, unlocking various powers. In the beginning, you should aim for weak monsters and polish your skills, learning how to wield your magical sword. Also, the “Runes” lose their radiance after repeated use, so they must be dipped into the “Fountain” to regain their glow.

Runick Tip

Runick Fountain
At Fountains located throughout various regions, you can recover your strength and recharge your “Runes”. But who was it that created these fountains?

Generaider Quest
Shoot through the wings of the “Generaider” with the rapid-fire “Rune”
In the “Divine Realm” that you visit early on, dwells the “Generaider Boss of Swords”, who excels in speed, and its loyal envoys. Since it can fly through the air as it wants, you should focus on speed as well, firing solar heat bullets with your “Rune” and defeating its envoys. If you can take out their wings, you’ll have a huge opportunity to beat it.

Runick Flashing Fire [Best Rune]

“Destruction” Is Effective Against The Divine Giants
The castle gates of the “Generaider” of the Divine Giants can only be destroyed by a tempered “Rune” of punching attacks. However, be aware of the illusions cast by the “Generaider of Delusions” that lays inside the castle walls.

Utgarda, Generaider Boss of Delusion

Runick Destruction [Best Rune]

Fight the Flames With Ice
After crossing the burning molten river, you will face the “Generaider of Fire”, against whom you will absolutely need the ice arrows from you “Rune”. The damage inflicted by the demonic beasts in this realm is massive, so be prepared.

Naglfar, Generaider Boss of Fire

Runick Destruction [Best Rune]

Fight With The “Runick” Fae By Your Side
The fae can inform you about items scattered throughout the realms, and can assist you in battle by consuming the radiance of the “Runes”. If you befriend them, your adventure will be much easier.

Hugin the Runick Wings

Munin the Runick Wings
By exploring the Temple of the Raven Deity, you’ll find two imprisoned faeries, and if you help them, they’ll accompany you on your journey as familiars of sorts.

Geri the Runick Fangs

Freki the Runick Fangs
There are two wolves always roaming the realms, that can be summoned by consuming the radiance of the “Runick” runes, causing them to rush to the battlefield and provide support.

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Use the Golden Bracelet to Reach the “Generaider”

In order to obtain the Golden Bracelet you will need for your adventure, you must enter the lair of the Wicked Dragon. There are two ways to deal with the evil dragon: Either fight it or put it to sleep. The sleep inducing tones of the “Rune” should help you snatch the bracelet from right under the Wicked Dragon’s nose. But if you want its vast horde of gold, you’ll have to face it head on.

Runick Slumber [Best Rune]

Runick Golden Droplet
The fae who block the way to the “Generaider of Light” will be satisfied and depart if you give them the Golden Bracelet.

Mardel, Generaider Boss of Light
Two Formidable “Generaiders”

Runick Dispelling [Best Rune]
After defeating the “Generaider of Light”, you obtain a necklace that has the power to break curses. By helping the meek and the powerless along the way to the “Generaider of Ice” by breaking their curses, they will band together as allies and comrades later.

Nidhogg, Generaider Boss of Ice
If you challenge the “Generaider” with your allies, you will encounter unexpected threats and dangers. Besides making sure you have anti-Ice strategies, in general, do a lot of careful pre-prep.

Runick Smiting Storm [Best Rune]
The dead of the underworld revive again and again by the Curse of Immortality unleashed by the “Generaider of Death”, gradually increasing in number. The easiest way to deal with this is to shatter the curse, but if you haven’t developed your skills enough, you’ll be left with a dilemma.

Generaider Boss Room
It’s also possible to quickly make your way to the Queen’s mansion by using the strongest attack of the Storm Hammer that deals Area of Effect damage.

The Power Of “The Magician Of The Fountains”

Runick Allure
When you defeat the “Generaider” of each realm, the Magician appears at the “Fountain”, offering various rewards. Prioritize choosing necessary rewards, such as a horse that can ride through the sky, in order to progress through your adventure.

After You Defeat The Last “Generaider”…
After defeating all of the nine “Generaiders”, upon visiting the great stone chest, the Masked Magician removes his mask, giving a reverent bow. “I apologize for the long ceaseless journey I have put you through. But thanks to your efforts, the seal upon the chest has been broken.”. What lies beyond is an ‘Extra Stage’. What kind of “Generaiders” await!?

Loptr, Shadow of the Generaider Bosses
The masked sorcerer who helped and guided you throughout your journey. But what is his true objective…?

Laevatein, Generaider Boss of Shadows
Experience the “Generaider” Of The Extra Stage With Your Own Two Eyes!

Secret Image

Runick Fountain

Hugin the Runick Wings & Munin the Runick Wings

End of Chapter.

TL Note: Unfortunately the text is too small to give accurate translations. The Runick Fountain notes primarily talk about visuals (water flowing, a red jewel only in one eye socket), and “probably” the top left note says that it also speaks. The notes on Hugin talk about the mark on its arm, and “probably” about the pattern currently visible on the wings also appearing on the opposite side.

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