[VBEX3] Number 2: Visas’ Worlds

The man with an unlimited passport but no emotions.


A New World

“Visas”, a man that had his ’emotions’ stolen by someone. As he embarks on his distant journey across planets, sometimes fighting and sometimes cooperating with their varied dwellers, he approaches the truth of this world. What exactly awaits for him in his final destination?

TL note: Both the chapter title above and the title of the prologue below use “新世壊”, which is the JP name of the card Clear New World, but instead of having the furigana of “New Clear World” like the card does, it’s using “shinsekai” instead (new world(s)).

A New World

In a space where everything is enveloped in deep darkness, a glitter indescribable as a birth nor an ending burst open.
Green, blue, red … with the passage of time, among the various planets that increased this glitter, a small blue glitter became a planet and began pouring over the green planet.

Chapter 1
Primitive Planet Reichphobia

A world where creatures that were the embodiment of fear itself, the “Scareclaws”, lived. These creatures will clash against each other by turning their respective fright into power, until the loser falls prostrate. “Reichheart”, the king controlling all fear, forced these beasts to fight to ensure their evolution. A blue ball of light fell in that planet. And the one emerging from it was a man with a strange looking right arm that contained the glitter of the stars.

Visas Starfrost
“Reichheart” instinctively inferred the goals of this suspicious man, who had no light on his eyes but possibly had a sense of self: That is, the man had set his sights on him. He was completely different from that red vanguard that occasionally appears. Resolving he would not give up the ‘self’ he had obtained, the king transformed into an amalgamation of fear and challenged the man to combat. At the end of this fierce fight, the king became a glittering star in the man’s right arm. And a light of consciousness appeared in the eyes of the man that had just recovered 1 of his emotions. The man starts remembering but a fraction of his existence:
1) He was split into a number of “emotions” by someone.
2) The split entities are running rampart according to their core emotion.
3) His own name is “Visas”.
The beasts celebrate their new king, as he departs to a new world in order to rebuild his true self.

Scareclaw Reichheart

Scareclaw Arrival

Scareclaw Tri-Heart

Scareclaw Sclash

Scareclaw Alternative

End of Page 1

TL notes:
1) “With the passage of time” in the prologue is a reference to Visas Starfrost. “Visas” is Lithuanian for “all”. If we take that as “幾” (iku/several, many), and we also convert “Star” and “Frost” to kanji (星 and 霜), we get 幾星霜 (ikuseisou), which is the expression used here for “(the passage of) many months and years”.
2) The “self” that Reichheart had obtained is written as “fear” and force-read as “self”.

Chapter 2
Primeval Planet Perlereino

A voice can be heard from inside “Visas”, as he searches through the next world. “Reichheart”, who should have disappeared, appeared once again, maybe due to the man’s self still being incomplete. The destination where he was leading was a blue planet enveloped by oceans and pearls: “Perlereino”. The mermaids who lived there, the “Tearlaments”, were wary of the arrival of the arrival of Visas, who had the same face as their master.

Scareclaw Light-Heart

Scareclaw Straddle

Tearlaments Scheiren

Tearlaments Metanoise
“Visas” inquires about this world, and the different aura from “Reichphobia” he’s feeling. But instead, the mermaids answer that their master is looking for ‘tears’ to become immortal. However, their master “Reinoheart”, the split entity of ‘lament’, perceived this as a betrayal. The master suddenly appeared in front of “Visas”, transformed into a grotesque form, and brainwashed the mermaids. “Visas” makes his move through a series of cleverly coordinated attacks. During the attacks, “Light-Heart” proposes “Visas” to use the power of ‘fear’ to clash against the ‘laments’ that is brainwashing the mermaids in order to save them. The ‘laments’ of the princess of the mermaids, “Kitkallos”, were canceled out with ‘fear’, removing her brainwashing, and with a single attack from her, “Reinoheart” was defeated.

Tearlaments Reinoheart

Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart

Tearlaments Kitkallos

Tearlaments Sulliek

Tearlaments Cryme
Only a part of the power the “Reinoheart” had was inherited by Visas, but it was still incomplete. As “Visas” held out his hand to unify with him, “Reinoheart” disappeared in a flash of red light without a trace. The red flash were the elite of the “Kashtira” military corps: “Unicorn”. They were biding their time for a chance to take away “Reinoheart”. Pushed by their reluctance to give “Reinoheart” back, “Visas” begins his pursuit after “Unicorn”.

Tearlaments Grief

Tearlaments Heartbeat

Tearlaments Scream

End of Page 2

TL note: The ‘tears’ that Reinoheart is seeking are written as “pearls”, force-read as “tears”.

Chapter 3
Pressured Planet Wraitsoth

What he found as he chased after “Unicorn” was “Shangri-Ira”, the red celestial body of the “Kashtira” that was attacking “Reichphobia”. Despite “Reichheart”‘s sorrow, as he avoided the bombardment and entered “Reichphobia”, the planet had been dyed red beyond recognition. “Visas” planed to work together with the beasts to defeat the invaders and absorb them in order to power up, but reversing the situation was going to take time. The stolen “Reinoheart” also weighed on his mind. In their panic, “Unicorn”, carrying the machineused to contain “Reinoheart”, and a mysterious figure appeared in front of them.

Kashtira Shangri-Ira

Scareclaw Decline

Kashtira Birth

Scareclaw Twinsaw

Kashtira Preparations
The man who appeared in front of “Visas” was the split entity mad with ‘anger’, “Riseheart”, who asserted he was the real “Visas”. And then, he accomplished what otherwise should have been impossible between split entities by making use of the machine, absorbing the power of “Reinoheart” and abruptly began evolving.

Kashtira Riseheart

Kashtira Overlap

With the power he obtained, “Riseheart” completed the invasion started by “Shangri-Ira” and manifested the red world “Wraitsoth”. By wearing the armor of the warriors, “Arise-Heart” obtained a power similar to “Visas”, and he also absorbed “Reichheart”. “Visas” was at the brink of despair, when he decided to follow the last words of “Reichheart” and tried taking the power of the planet itself as his own. And then, by gathering the powers of ‘anger’, ‘laments’ and ‘fear’ in his right arm, “Visas” was granted enough power to achieve victory, and also to bring about annihilation.

Kashtira Arise-Heart

Scareclaw Defanging


Kashtira Big Bang

End of Page 3

Chapter 4
Peaceful Planet Calarium

As the consciousness of “Visas” became unstable due to his emotions, “Riseheart” fused with him and made him go berserk. As a result, the destroyer “Vicious”, absorbed by a sea of negative emotions, was born. His goal is to destroy everything, even himself. However, at the very depths of that consciousness, something with the intent to contain that destructive impulse was present.

Kashtira Akstra

Vicious Astraloud
This entity was “Riumheart”: The guardian of the Shangri-La “Calarium” who slumbers in the depths of the consciousness and not even “Visas” is aware of. At the great tree in this Shangri-La there are small bodies of energy known as “Mannadiums”, freed from negative emotions and wrapped/surrounded with joy, which have the power to help one reincarnate.

Mannadium Imaginings

Mannadium Riumheart

Mannadium Meek
As “Vicious” was about to destroy this world in the consciousness, the “Mannadiums” split from the great tree, having resolved that they would go extinct. They entrusted their remaining energy to “Riumheart”. Through this power, the guardian completed his transformation into “Prime-Heart”, rising up to return “Visas” to normal.

Mannadium Abscission

Mannadium Prime-Heart
In order to return “Visas” to his original state, “Prime-Heart” tries to unify with “Vicious”, in the same way “Riseheart” mysteriously did it before. With a desperate attack, the rampage of “Vicious” was stopped, but the gentle guardian vanished as a result. However, maybe as a result of these repeated burdens, the world began cracking apart and losing its colors. The collapse of his consciousness had begun. Amidst this collapsing world, “Visas” is required to make his final decision.

Mannadium Breakheart

Mannadium Reframing

A Shattered, Colorless Realm

End of Chapter.

TL note: “Shangri-La” is actually written as 桃源郷 (tougenkyou), the title of the fable “The Peach Blossom Spring“, which talks about a fictional utopia, but can also refer to a general paradise on Earth or a Shangri-La. “Shangri-La” sounds more on-theme, so that’s what we’re going with.

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  • July 8, 2023 at 11:50 am

    Huh? This feels incomplete judging by the artwork of the cards. Also, I never got the feeling that the Tearlaments were being brainwashed considering that Reinoheart is attacking Kitkallos who is trying to protect the others. She is also the one who clearly stabs the dude in the back.

    • July 8, 2023 at 9:50 pm

      The contents of the Valuable Book EX 3 extend only so far, and the events depicted in other cards, or newer cards, are not contained in the book. Unfortunately, this is all the info available at this time.
      As for your other question, the paragraph does explain that Reinoheart, Visas’ personality in Perlereino, rules over the mermaids, and as he appears, he brainwashes them. You can see one of the mermaids being brainwashed in the art of Tearlaments Sulliek. You may be looking at the art as if the other mermaids are being protected from Reinoheart’s attack, but if you look at it from another way, you may see Reinoheart manipulating her. It is also possible to interpret it as Reinoheart using her as a shield. Then, Visas uses the power of fear to cancel Kitkallos’ brainwashing, and finally, Kitkallos attacks Reinoheart (now transformed into Kaleidoheart).

  • July 10, 2023 at 1:35 am

    Sadly I could not leave a reply to the author in response to my earlier post, so I will put it here.

    That is a good point. I didn’t look at Sulliek in that way, and it does make some sense and I guess works for the description here. However, what doesn’t work is what happens later. Kaleido-Heart’s powers get split between Kitkallos and Visas in the Grief artwork. Kit turns into Rulkallos after that (skipped over for some reason. sad). When Unicorn attacks did he take Reino or Rulkallos? It is hard to fully tell in Preparation, but it does appear to be Rulkallos. It also fits because we see her corrupted and turned into a Kashtira. I guess it is possible both were taken by the two Unicorns and the first one is who is being chased down by Visas in the background of Scream. I don’t know anymore. lol. This lore gets more confusing the longer it goes. XD

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